HTC Los Angeles
Hollywood Trading Company I Modern Artisans

Made in Italy and USA, restless pursue of quality and obsessive care for detail, masters’ skills and craftsmanship mixed with a
unique US style: this is HTC Los Angeles.

Persuasive authenticity.
A unique combination of wilderness and couture.
Sartorial and yet underground.

Since its birth, in the city of Los Angeles, the brand defines itself by its rock stile and vintage revival, an unlimited
source of icons together with flawless quality standards.

Today HTC reaches an harmonic balance between its intrinsic rock vibe, modern aesthetic and innovative
techniques. The manufacturing expertise of Italian artisans, with over 40 years of experience in leather making
excellence, merges with technology, while craftsmanship combines with research on alternative materials.

HTC features a new allure, made of clean and essential silhouettes and leather finds uncommon and glam